New Kitchen-Tools for ENO
Produkt / Product: Kitchen-Tools: `drip-stop´ and `cut & paste´
Hersteller / Client: Hersteller / Client: ENO - Edition Nouveaux Objets
2, rue d’Uzès
75002 Paris
Messe / Fairground: Maison & Objet
Now! Design a vivre
25.01. - 29.01.2008
Paris Nord Villepinte
Hall 7 / Stand J27 K28

Our idea to design a collection of kitchen-tools for the French company ENO aims at introducing an expandable series of slightly strange but charming little everyday objects
- a new generation of household helpers for specific and contemporary needs but open to very different ways of use. The design is based on exact observation and experience in real life situations, taking into account new ways of cooking and dealing with the preparation of food.

`drip-stop´ is the place where you want to put your messy wooden spoon, your stirrer or scoop when cooking pasta sauce. Manufactured from thick porcelain `drip-stop´ is not only very robust but also dishwasher proof.

`cut & paste´ combines the functions of a wooden cutting board with the functions of a small porcelain container - creating a charmingly spoonlike object. Cut garlic, herbs, onion, little tomatoes on the cutting board and just move all pieces into the porcelain cavity! Pick up `cut & paste´ and drop the whole content into the sauce-pot on the oven. The cutting board as well as the porcelain base can be cleaned separately.