Produkt / Product: LIFEBRIDGE B2T® portable heart and lung support system
Hersteller / Client: Lifebridge Medizintechnik AG

Together with Uli Guth we developed the design for a completely new medical device.
The LIFEBRIDGE B2T® is the first portable heart and lung support - plug & play system worldwide which has cleared the stringent test hurdles necessary for CE certification and therefore satisfies all safety requirements.
It is designed for use in emergency transport to hospital by road or air as well as patient transport within hospitals.
With the development of the product LIFEBRIDGE B2T® the Lifebridge Medizintechnik AG has set a new medical engineering-industry standard in emergency medicine!
With the official market launch of the LIFEBRIDGE B2T® on July 13th, 2007 and the overwhelming interest which has been aroused in the field of medical experts, a final project stage was reached.
After five years of hard design work and very intense examination we feel well prepared and experienced to tackle new and demanding challenges in the field of medical design.