Design challenges
Katalog / Catalogue: Reptes del disseny – Retos del diseno – Design challanges
Ciencia, etica i estetica en el projecte de disseny.
Colorful, 280 pages catalogue in three languages.
ISBN 978-84-8363-500-1
Ausstellung / Exhibition: Reptes del disseny – Retos del diseno – Design challanges
26.11.2009 - 26.01.2010
Ort / Location: UPV – Universidad Politecnica De Valencia, Spain

Design challenges
Organised by the “Universidad Politecnica De Valencia” the curators Marina Puyuelo and Lola Merino selected our work for the exhibition and the catalogue “Reptes del disseny – Retos del diseno - Design challanges”.

The exhibition presents an international overview of design committed to building a more human and more accessible habitat. The idea is to rediscover design as a means of contribution to the individual and social wellbeing of human beings and to foster a better knowledge and perception of its qualities.

Inspirational and Useful
Divided into seven chapters the exhibition and the catalogue are covering a selection of iconic products. Together with Alfredo Häberli, Alberto Martinez and Ross Lovegrove our laundry basket “Gibus”, designed for the Italian company Magis, is displayed in a section called “Inspirational and Useful”.
Far from insisting on changes of appearance only for commercial purposes, “Inspirational and Useful” design projects propose a reconsideration of the use of the object closely linked to the emotion provoked by the solution itself.
Emphasising design poetics and common sense in different types of products and use environments, these objects could go unnoticed in daily life showing simply and efficiently, and with a certain amount of poetics and symbolism, the function for which they were created. Obviously the evolution of these products which respond to very standardised functions has shown few structural changes over time, but the genuine nature of their functionality makes them interesting in a world saturated with objects.

Thanks, Marina Puyuelo and Lola Merino, for the interesting presentation and profound interpretation of our work!